Thomas Rowden - Royal Marine

Thomas Rowden was one of the very first Englishmen to settle in Australia.

Born in 1758, Thomas grew up in the quiet Dorset village of Owermoigne ↗, barely a few miles from the south coast of England. His occupation is recorded as cordwainer, a maker of fine shoes, but before long, and maybe because he lived not far from the sea, he signed up as a Royal Marine at Plymouth.

At the culmination of the revolutionary war in the Americas in 1783, Britian needed to find somewhere new to transport her convicts. A few years later orders were issued in London to create a penal colony in New South Wales, Australia. In 1787 the first fleet of 11 ships sailed from England, arriving in Botany Bay in January 1788. Thomas was a Royal Marine serving on one of the 6 convict ships, 'Scarborough', which carried on board just over 200 convicts.

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Further information about the Fleet ↗ and Thomas ↗.

"The First Fleet entering Port Jackson January 26, 1788"
Drawn 1888 by E. Le Bihan [Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales] ↗